Alabama Values

Miriam “Mimi” Penhale is a proud conservative, and believes in limited government, low taxes and cutting unnecessary government regulations.

“I’ll fight to protect our unborn, and believe my Christian faith provides a path for my life.”

“I’ll lead the efforts to keep Alabama taxes low on hardworking families and small businesses.”

“I believe in the 2nd Amendment, and I’ll support legislation that protects hunters and law-abiding gun owners.”


“Government mandates are killing our rural hospitals and healthcare providers. We need to provide better access to care by letting the healthcare community make decisions for themselves.”

“I’ll work hard to make sure our k-12 schools have the funding they need, and I’ll support an expansion of career technical and agricultural programs in our 2-year college system and in traditional higher ed.”



A low tax environment means Alabama is “open for business” and helps small business owners create jobs.

Gun Rights

Penhale is a staunch defender of our 2nd Amendment gun rights, and will support efforts to strengthen protections for gun owners in our state.


Penhale believes in a free market economic and healthcare system, and opposes government mandates and socialized medicine like we saw with Obamacare.



In 2020, the Alabama Legislature passed a $7.2 billion ETF budget. The ETF’s priority should always be k-12 classrooms. Penhale is committed to support educator pay raises when revenues are sufficient, and she’ll work to continue to grow our pre-k programs.

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